In the murky depths of the digital ocean, a sinister bait lurks, waiting to snag unsuspecting victims. Phishing scams, disguised as emails, texts, or even phone calls from seemingly trustworthy sources, cast their lines, hoping to reel in your personal information, finances, or even your very identity. In the latest phishing scheme to hit Facebook, page owners are being directly messaged through their pages regarding “copyright infringement” and the threat to shut down their page if they don’t respond.

The real goal is simply to get the unsuspecting page owner to log into a page that looks official, but whose only purpose is to get their Facebook login information so their account can be compromised. Below you can see an example of one of these messages and the corresponding page that is linked to the message. Whatever you do, if you get one of these messages, DO NOT log in to the site. If you do, you’ve given the scammers exactly what they want: your Facebook login information!

Facebook phishing scam message  Facebook phishing scam website

Bottom line is that if something doesn’t quite seem right, it’s likely not a real email, text or even a direct message on Facebook. When in doubt, don’t click on the link and use another resource to directly contact the organization that the potential scammers appear to represent. Never click on attachments, links, or other suspicious actions that you are not expecting to see in your inbox.